Gourmet Salmon Recipe

This connoisseur salmon recipe is supplied by my suitable friend Bill from Smoker Cooking and I think you will thoroughly experience it.
It may be cooked in a smoker, on the grill, or for your kitchen oven.
Salmon and Proscuitto...A Winning Combination
Salmon is a flexible food that can be prepared in quite a few ways. Whether grilled, smoked, or baked, salmon is a real gourmet deal with. This recipe combines clean salmon with Proscuitto...An uncommon aggregate that I'm positive you'll like.
Proscuitto is a flavorful Italian style ham that is salt-cured, then air-dried for numerous months. The intensely flavored ham is commonly cut into very thin slices that can be eaten as-is or used in recipes with other substances. This recipe pairs salmon with Proscuitto, and maybe served as an entree', or chilled, sliced, and served as an appetizer.

Ingredients for Proscuitto Wrapped Salmon
1 fresh salmon fillet, skinless, about 2 pounds/1 kilo
15-20 thin slices of Proscuitto (or excellent quality ham)
1 bunch green onions
kosher salt
black pepper, coarse ground

Recipe Instructions
Cut the salmon fillet into one inch wide strips.
Slice a couple of the green onions into thin, matchstick-size strands. Use both the green and white parts of the onions.
Lightly season the pieces of salmon with salt and pepper.
Place strands of onion on top of the salmon, then wrap each with a slice of Proscuitto.
Secure the Proscuitto in place with toothpicks.
Place the salmon in a shallow pan, and bake in a preheated 350 degree Fahrenheit oven for ten to fifteen minutes, or until the fish just starts to flake when tested with a fork.
Optionally, these can be charcoal or gas grilled, but be sure not to place them directly over the coals or the gas flame.
Use indirect heat and a covered grill. They can also be smoked in a food smoker, but be sure to use a very small amount of light flavored wood, such as alder, so the flavor of this gourmet salmon recipe is enhanced but not overpowered.