Easy Chicken Fajitas Recipe

Are you looking for an easy and delicious chicken fajita recipe? This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to make Chicken Fajitas with all the toppings that go into them. You can even have fun with it by adding more ingredients like sour cream, chiles, tomato paste, lemon juice, or cilantro!

Easy Chicken Fajitas Recipe


2 Chicken Breasts (about 1 pound total) 

Fine-grain Salt and Pepper 

1 Red Bell Pepper, 

Sliced thin Optional: 

Tomato paste, sour cream, lemon juice


1) Cut bell pepper into long strips. 

2) Heat up a frying pan on low heat. Add chicken breast and season the top with salt and pepper. 

3) Add bell pepper strips to the pan after the bottom of the chicken has browned slightly (browning is important). 

4) Cook until chicken is cooked all the way (It might take a little longer to cook than a regular chicken breast because of the red pepper, just make sure it gets done). 

5) Optional: Add tomato paste and/or sour cream, lemon juice, or cilantro if desired.

Easy Chicken Fajitas Recipe