Chicken Corn Soup (Chinese)


Hi guys, today I’m going to teach you how to make a Chinese Chicken Corn Soup. It’s very simple and easy to make and very delicious and healthy food. It’s a very popular dish in Pakistan, especially in the winter season. So let’s start making this food.


Chicken carcass

1 tsp squashed garlic

2 tsp salt

1 tsp squashed dark pepper

2 pints of cold water

2 cups sweet corn pieces (tinned or solidified)

1 egg beaten

1 dessertspoon soya sauce

2 dstspoons cornflour, blended in with a large portion of some water


1. Sauce 1

2. Two finely cut green chilies, an ounce of finely cut onion, a large portion of a cup of vinegar, one tsp of soya sauce, blend them by and large and keep aside.

3. Sauce 2

4. Fora small pot, you'll have to include 2 teaspoons dstspoons vinegar, 2 chilies drops, and 4 dstspoons water, half tsp salt, half tsp sugar, half tsp cornflour, blend, switch on the heat, bring to the bubble for one moment. Switch off, cool and present with the soup or different dishes. (Or on the other hand utilize a decent chili sauce e.g Encona, Sambal Olek)

5. For the soup

6. Take an entire little chicken (you should expel as meat as conceivable from this to deliver the body, the most ideal approach to do this is to cut the chicken at joints, at that point generally evacuate the vast majority of the meat. In the event that you have a butcher who esteems your custom, he will do this for you).

7. Or on the other hand use readymade chicken stock

8. Wash the about de-boned chicken with cold water, add to a container, include the garlic, salt, and dark pepper. Include approx. 2 pints of cold water, bring to a moving bubble, at that point stew until about a large portion of the water vanishes ( 30 mins).

9. Pummel the corn bits in a liquidizer and add to soup blend, a bubble on full warmth for 5 minutes.

10. Or on the other hand, utilize tinned creamed sweetcorn

11. Include 2 tablespoons of cornflour and water blend at once until soup thickens to wanted consistency.

12. Include the beaten egg a little at once, quickly twirling the blend with a fork to frame 'strings' of eggs. Bring to the bubble and save prepared for the definite stage before serving.

Serve quite hot as a starter for a Chinese supper.