Chocolate cake


2 apples (220 - 240 g each)
200 g dark chocolate
3 eggs (150 g)
50 g flour (or corn starch for a gluten-free cake)
100 g sugar
5 g baking powder (optional)

1 Peel and cut your apples in pieces.
2 Cook, at medium heat, cover the apples.
3 When your apples are cooked, mix with a hand blender.
4 Set aside 200 g of apple puree.
5 Preheat your oven at 180 degrees.
6 Melt gently your chocolate.
7 Add the eggs one by one and whip.
8 Add the apple puree, the sugar than the flour. Mix until you get a homogeneous mixture.
9 Pour in a 20-22 cm long mold with baking paper.
10 Bake 30 minutes.
11 In the end, check with a knife. It should come out dry.
12 Let cool down on a grid.

If you take corn starch instead of flour, you'll get a delicious gluten-free chocolate cake. To get a softer cake, you can add baking powder when you add the flour.